a note from the universe

Dear all,

live with grace and style,

show kindness,

be grateful,

count your blessings,

bring joy to wherever your soul leads you to,

share love,

trust in your dreams,

stay true.

I am Providence

My tale begins in a monstrously beautiful kind of night. It’s Halloween in Rhode Island, the land where the master of horror tales, H.P. Lovecraft, devoted his life to creativity. Throughout Lovecraft’s haunted lifetime, the son of Providence battled his demons over the craft of writing. His artwork helped him bravely fight insanity and fully embrace darkness.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear. And the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” – H.P. Lovecraft

While I wander in the streets and alleys of the unknown, I pray for his guidance. I ask him permission to devour his words. I celebrate his brilliance. I pay reverence to his existence. I welcome H.P. Lovecraft, the lord of darkness, to walk before me.

(Illustration: unknown artist)

My home place, Rhode Island

My tale begins in Rhode Island. Rhode Island is home for my soul. Rhode Island is my place of peace. Rhode Island enchants me. Rhode Island gives me the courage to be a better self. Rhode Island not always has my back but often enlightens me towards greater things.

Rhode Island has people that are driven more strongly by hope than by fear. Rhode Island is a “she” and has her own skin. Rhode Island is a sight of bliss. Rhode Island continually and stubbornly refuses the oblivious of everything. In every single turn, she allows me to exist.

Rhode Island kindly whispers in my ears, “it’s time to commit to your dreams”.

Thank you, my dear.

Keep inspiring me!

I am truly yours.