Will you marry me?

     My dear Sir, my tale begins in the day that Fidel Castro died. Earlier that year, president Dilma Rousseff got impeached in a political coup in Brazil. My world went mad and my life turned upside down. Could this be the story of how we met?

     I have been meaning to write this letter to you for a while now. Somehow I find many difficulties filling in this blank sheet of paper with words of my own.  Especially after seeing that picture of you with your parents in Cambridge this weekend. You made me really nervous, I still am. But it amazed me to see the three of you there. How pretty of you, Mike!

     There’s so much to talk about. But firstly, I would like to salute you and to show my respect for your personality. It has been a great honor having this chatting with you. Secondly, I would like to take this chance and ask your forgiveness for the time that I grew bitter and confused at you. I have been dealing with a whole constellation of things, besides of having spent moments of unutterable losses and grief. And for a few times, I did get consumed by exceedingly distress.

     Also, I must say that I have tried to let go of you innumerable times, I confess, and I confess, too, that I have instantly failed each and every time. Nevertheless, you were always there, never left. Always precise and attentive to my emotions and feelings, even from a distance. I appreciate your regard towards me and I thank you for that. And I thank you, particularly, for showing yourself to me. I see an excepcional American man. A man of vertical character. 

2     Lastly, I would like to invite you to visit my country and to see me. It’s about time for a reencounter! I spend most of my time in Mangaratiba, a tropical retreat in the stunning southeast coastline of Rio. Just now, I am writing to you from a fantastic environmental park: the Cunhambebe! There’s abundant life here, and plenty of beauty too! And also, I am a boat trip away from Ilha Grande, a heavenly and godlike island that I would love to show you. And there are many more places to go, if you have the availability.

     My urge, right now, is to go on a trip to Minas Gerais. I can no longer wait to visit Barbacena, where have been built a Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo. A beautiful replica of the Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo, in the province of Foggia, Italy. Right here, close to home. Would you take me there? I would be highly pleased to arrive there along with you. How soon can you be here?

     It would be just as lovely as to walk you through the city of Rio. Can’t wait to take you Downtown, and hop into beautiful churches and museums. You are going to love the Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading. We can have coffee at a classic tea house of Old Rio and then head over to Santa Teresa, a very artsy neighborhood. I would greatly enjoy a drink there with you. And please spare some good time to contemplate the magnificent monument of Christ the Redeemer. It’s breathtaking.

6     Now let me tell you, also, that I have just finished my prayers, right in this moment, while I write to you. This is the last day of Lent in honor of São Miguel Arcanjo. I ask strenght to give resistance and wisdom to learn the right acceptance. And I want you to know that you were in my thoughts and remembrance throughout this entire period. I feel an unspeakable bliss, you know?

     Lately, and as time passes, I have been thinking of the many roads I’ve travelled, and of how I was drawn into mysterious depths of the crossroads of the world, and dragged into a strong current that carried me to places I never imagined they could exist. I’ve been challenged in every step and I feel like I’ve been blown out outside the Earth for a long period until I finally returned to my centre. At the core of my being, I feel fortunate and blessed for discovering amor fati.

     As we cross the bridges of time, whatever life may become to us, I hope it brings you and I near one another, always and always. I want our eyes to meet. And I want to feel the touching of your hands holding my back again and again while I still crave your kiss. Now let me warn you about that kissing: think twice, kiss me once. Kiss me twice, and I’ll state that you are completely out of your mind. Kiss me three times, and I’ll call you my boyfriend, meu amor, immediately. Keep kissing me and I’ll Instagram a picture of us in no time.

     And Sir, I may be a very demanding woman, but please know that I will never doubt you and will never question a decision of yours. And as long you respect myself in all my femaleness, I will love, cherish and obey you, Michael. I will love you in Christ. 

Be my darling, will you? 

Dance me to the end of love,

cheek to cheek, will you?

Here is to a charming life by your side, to a life of continuous discovery.

Answer my prayers!

Will you?



P.S. I won’t beg the Sun for mercy. The moon is always female.

(This letter is to be continued.)

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